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Ishaan Tiwari RCOEM GRE 333/340, Eshan Deshpande YCCE GRE 329/340, Mohit Chhajer VNIT GRE 329/340, Vasudev Singh RCOEM GRE 327/340, Devika Mandge VNIT GRE 324/340, Rishabh Soni RCOEM GRE 323/340, Akhilesh Jichkar RCOEM GRE 322/340, Mandar Deshpande VNIT GRE 322/340, Saurabh Bhasme RCOEM GRE 322/340, Ankit Sharma Gurunanak College of Pharmacy GRE 321/340, Jitesh Jain RCOEM GRE 321/340, Nirav Patel St. Vincent Palloti College of Engineering and Technology GRE 320/340, Parikshit Shastri VNIT GRE 320/340, Sambhav Jain RCOEM GRE 320/340, Manmeet Kaur Osan RCOEM GRE 319/340, Shreyash Khond VNIT GRE 319/340, Vedant Maheshwari RCOEM GRE 319/340, Akshat Shukla RCOEM GRE 318/340, Ankit Wathore VNIT GRE 318/340, Karan Nashine VNIT GRE 318/340, Rishab Mantri RCOEM GRE 317/340, Ruchi R Thakre RCOEM GRE 317/340, Snehal Sambare RCOEM GRE 317/340, Sudhanshu Kuthe VNIT GRE 317/340, Amit Sharma RCOEM GRE 316/340, Aniruddha Tapas RCOEM GRE 316/340, Ankit Baheti RCOEM GRE 316/340, Divya Chand Scool of Planning & Architecture Delhi GRE 316/340, Nameeta Limje RCOEM GRE 316/340, Pranjal Maheshwary RCOEM GRE 316/340, Pratik Devikar RCOEM GRE 316/340, Vishal Patel RCOEM GRE 316/340, Aditya Datkhile VNIT GRE 315/340, Piyush Bhatia RCOEM GRE 315/340, Pratyush Deshpande RCOEM GRE 315/340, Shaunak Khare YCCE GRE 315/340, Shrutika Tiwari VNIT GRE 315/340, Shubham Vyas RCOEM GRE 315/340, Murtaza Maimoon IIT Gowatati GMAT 730/800, Vaishakhi Suresh VNIT TOEFL 118/120, Manmeet Kaur Osan RCOEM TOEFL 116/120


ICAD provides comprehensive package for undergraduate programs.

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Correspondence Material

ICAD provides following distinguished publications and softwares as a part of

  • Verbal
  • Quantitative
  • Analytical Writing
  • ICAD Power Book

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Test Series

At ICAD, we provide tests that examine the students’ preparation level in simulated exam atmosphere with standard software,



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Admission Assistance

Procuring admission into the US universities is normally a four step process.

  • Selection of university
  • Online application
  • Official score reporting
  • Documentation

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VISA Assistance

The expert advice at ICAD for VISA application, VISA documents, finances and mock VISA Interview help ICADians to achieve success rate of almost 100% every year.



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Why ICAD is the best in providing comprehensive services to its students and why to choose ICAD: Our Alumni’s views.




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Sure path to Study Abroad

ICAD made its modest start in 1999, and it placed 30 students in United States of America in 2000. That was a revolution in Nagpur when these ICADians paved their way to top tanking universities of United States. Mr. Vijay Krishnamurthy was the first person in this batch to cross the prestigious 2300 marks in GRE. Read More…

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